The Communications Skills Book by McKay Discussion Paper – Assignment Help

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Weekly Journal Entry (3-4 pages)

oCourse Reflections

§Based on week 3’s assigned readings

·(MCKAY: Chapters 1-5, 11)

§Must include 2 excerpts

oELG Reflections

§Remember not to use classmate’s names (initials only)

§Your entry should also include commentary and exploration of the previous week’s ELG group, including your reactions, your role and functioning, reflections on your interpersonal style/behaviors, group dynamics and themes, critical incidents, and/or observations of group leaders’ style and interventions. It is recommended that you write this section as soon after the previous week’s live class meeting as possible.

oTIM Reactions

§Must include answers to these 2 questions:

·What reactions did you have during your classmates’ introductions last week?

·Why do you think you reacted this way in terms of understandings you have about your own preferences, comfort zone, values, experiences, characteristics, or biases?

oDyadic Video Reflections

§Please remember to rate yourself.

§Week 3 “Presence, Empathy, Validation”

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